Palmeri Ristorante S.p.A.
11650 San Vicente Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90049
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T: 310.442.8446

Monday - Saturday
11am - 10pm

5pm - 10pm
S.p.A, three mysterious letters that follow the last name of Owner/Chef Ottavio stand for Societa per Azioni, which means business in Italian. However, to the American, they form the word spa - a popular place people go to be pampered and invigorated. We hope that when you enter our home, you will leave feeling the same way - satisfied and revitalized.
"We want every meal to be a celebration. We want our food to be as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate."
-Ottavio Palmeri
Palmeri S.p.A. Ristorante is not just another restaurant tucked in between the chic shops and eateries on San Vicente Boulevard. Its unique interior decorated with Travertine floors and Murano glass light fixtures entices Brentwood diners to try something new. In addition to the Sicilian dishes laced with colorful farmers market vegetables, outside tables enhance the European ambiance.
Born in Sicily, Chef Ottavio Palmeri acquired an early love for cooking by helping his mother prepare Sunday night dinner for this family. His passion for cooking only grew stronger and following culinary school, he went on to perfect his skills as chef at a trattoria in Catania.

In 1984, Ottavio took his cooking expertise to America but soon realized the he wanted to have a place of his own where he could create his culinary visions. Today, Palmeri S.p.A. is the culmination of his experience and representation of his approach to cooking.
"I want the restaurant to be in touch with my roots. But it is also nice to be open, to invent, and to make new dishes with local ingredients and personal touches."
-Ottavio Palmeri